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Danish punk night: Iceage and Lower play Richmond, VA

Tuesday night the Danish punk bands Iceage and Lower  stopped by Strange Matter in Richmond, VA.  It was refreshing to see a couple of bands from a completely different scene. Below are a couple photos and the set lists from the show.






Iceage (DK), Lower (DK), Springtime, Brief Lives

Strange Matter

929 W Grace St

Richmond, VA


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Live photos of SCREAM (Salad Days documentary show)

photo by PJ Sykes

Scream closed out two nights of bands celebrating and raising money for the documentary Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution. Photos were taken December 29th 2012 at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

Listen to selections from Complete Control Sessions

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes

photo by PJ Sykes


My album of the year is…


I’ve read a lot of the “best of 2012” lists and I can’t believe how many of them didn’t include Bob Mould’s Silver Age. I don’t really like ranking albums so I’ll just say this is my favorite album of the year. The day I got my vinyl copy I probably played both sides two or three times before I took a break.

To me, Silver Age picks up right where Copper Blue left off. I can also hear some influences from bands that Hüsker Dü had influenced; specifically Foo Fighters. That’s not surprising, since Bob played on Wasting Light andtoured with Foo Fighters as the opening band and also DJed between sets.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the video for The Descent and consider the buying my favorite 2012 music.

  1. Star Machine
  2. Silver Age
  3. The Descent
  4. Briefest Moment
  5. Steam of Hercules
  6. Fugue State
  7. Round The City Square
  8. Angels Rearrange
  9. Keep Believing
  10. First Time Joy

Stream Silver Age on RollingStone.com

Buy Silver Age from Merge Records


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2012 albums that I spent a lot of time with.

2012 was a fantastic year for music. I can’t remember a year where I was as excited by this many new releases. Usually I have no problem finding a handful of great records at the end of the year but this year I just couldn’t keep up. Thankfully, my wife also buys records,  I get some of them from photographing bands, and we trade in old records for new ones. I still have The Evens, JEFF The Brotherhood, Crocodiles, and a few more on my 2012 must buy list.  As you can see, I prefer vinyl (with a digital download please/thank you) but I did buy a few CDs and a couple of digital only releases this year. This list is in alphabetical order. I’m not going to rank a them and please remember these are my favorite albums, not a best of 2012 list. We all have different taste. I hope you’ll discover something here and feel free to comment with some of your favorites.

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Lost Songs

Bebo Band – Debo Band

Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

Dinosaur Jr – I Bet On Sky

Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

E.D. Sedgwick – We Wear White

Father John Misty – Fear Fun

The Frogs – Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe

The Frogs – Count Yer Blessingsz

Hospitality – Hospitality

Lambchop – Mr. M

The Men – Open Your Heart


Bob Mould – Silver Age

The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth

The Music Tapes – Mary ‘s Voice

NO – Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever


Oneida – A List Of The  Burning Mountains

Redd Kross – Researching The Blues

Retisonic – Robots F*cking

Screaming Females – Ugly

The Skull Defekts – 2013-3012

The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

The Snowy Owls – Within Yr Reach

Swans – The Seer

Jack White – Blunderbuss

Matthew E White – Big Inner

White Laces – Moves

Wild Nothing – Nocturne